The Kenyans don’t know whether to be afraid of Al-Shabaab who killed so many innocent civilians or the corrupted government whose army is looting the shops of Westgate victims. The president is on the run from the International court due to accusations of massacring innocent Civilians during the election campaign conflict. This is the Africa that I knew and it did not change and I wonder if it will ever change. The tactics can change, the faces can change but the mentality is still the same as the era of colonialism.  The hopeless Africa is agonizing with ravaging diseases like HIV infection, the lack of jobs, lack of education (Those who are educated will starve to death as they can’t get jobs), and the big greedy mouths, which like to swallow anything and everything including the humans.

Whenever you think you see some light blinking for Africa there is huge darkness that covers it so it won’t be seen again and forever. When the upraise of the people started in North Africa, Africans hoped that it will reach all the corners of the continent. Some even daydreamed that Africa is changing for good and democracy will be implemented. One of the countries that Africans looked up to because of its history in the past and current progress in education was Egypt. The Egyptians tried to make some change toward democracy. It was not easy to oust Mubarak and elect a new president as the old regime put its roots deep into the ground. Unfortunately, That hope did not see the light as the elected president was imprisoned by the minister of defense using his stooges including the Sheikh of Al-Ashar and those who were defeated in the election. This lead to the massacre of more than thousand people committed by the  army and other security forces against innocent demonstrators. Today, the Egyptians are still trying to make that light of hope be seen again enduring barbaric actions from the army and sometimes being killed or imprisoned in the pretext of religious extremism or affiliation with Akhwanul-muslimeen.

I wonder if it is destiny for Africans or their stupidity that they are recipients of all  types of miseries.


U dhaaf Halcelis

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