Somaliland:Once Again UK Funded RRU Operatives Storm Hubaal Newspaper Headquaters Arresting Several Journalists and Seizing Equipment


UK Funded RRU Crack Units

By Mustafe Abdi Ibrahim

Authorities in Somaliland have once again used the UK funded Crack police unit RRU to storm the premises housing the Hubaal Media Network in a bid to arrest the owner of Hubaal newspaper Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Jama  Caloolay  and his chief editor Mr. Hassan Keef Keef.

The raid on the newspaper premises which were conducted by the UK Funded RRU operatives today in the 4:00 PM local time stormed and arrested several employees of Hubaal the Somali language daily at the same time confiscated materials belonging to the newspaper.

The mission of the RRU crack unit which is usually used for arresting terror suspected was to arrest the owner and the chief editor of the newspaper who at the time were away on news gathering work but instead arrest a junior reporter Mustafe and the IT specialist Osman.

Just yesterday the commander of Somaliland Police Brigadier General Abdillahi Fadal Iman refuted on national TV reports carried out by which alleged that the police force was divided into two groupings and more and more officers were increasable been infuriated by the their superiors hence the low morale in the force.

The journalists were arrested while they were participating in peaceful protest organized by journalists to express their outrage on the release of man alleged to have attacked the owner of Hubaal at the newspaper headquarters on 24th April 2013.

On 5th December, Hargeisa Regional Court remanded the four journalists, Hassan Maal Dhidar, Saed Khadar, Abdisalaan Abdirashid and Abdiasis Bashir.

The Police also beat and manhandled inside the Court premises Journalist Abdirashid Sh. Abdiwahaab Sh. Ibrahim, the head of Foore newspaper, and his camera was confiscated. These acts violated his fundamental freedoms and rights.

The current government is increasingly cracking down on the media this contrary to rights enshrined in our constitution which allow freedom of public demonstration, expression of opinion, press and other media are guaranteed by the laws of country.

By MGoth

Source: Somalilandpress

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