29 Kenyan soldiers to appear before a court for crimes against Somalis

Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan Abdi, Eastleigh, Nairobi – Photo Hiiraan Online

Hiiraan Online
Friday, July 25, 2014


Eastleigh, Nairob (HOL) – 29 Kenyan security forces are due to be brought before a court in connection with crimes against humanity they committed during recent mass arrests against Somali refugees in Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighbourhood.

The announcement was made by the Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan Abdi during the launching ceremony of his new office in Eastleigh on Thursday evening, although he didn’t mention when the court hearings will take place.

The new office is mainly intended to serve for Eastleigh’s inhabitants who are mostly Somalis after they suffered from recent major swoops that triggered insecurity which caused the assassinations of several Somali nationals while some others are still missing.

About four thousand Somalis were also arrested during the swoop.

“Tonight we are launching this new office in Eastleigh, I am informing the inhabitants to come to the office and tell me about problems they are facing—the main reason behind the opening of this office is to tackle the increasing problems that our people are experiencing” the legislator told a gathering on Thursday evening.

“I know some people were killed and some went missing, but I want to tell you that  investigations are under way and we discussed the matter with the country’s highest ranking leaders” he said adding that one day all criminals will be punished for their wrongdoings.

Chairman of Somali business community in Eastleigh Sheik Ibrahim who addressed the ceremony on behalf of Somali traders in the region welcomed the launch of such office by the ethnic Somali legislator Yusuf Hassan Abdi.

HOL English News Desk


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