Is FIBA (Federation of International Basketball Association) violating women’s rights?

The Qatari women basketball team withdrew from the competition as they were told to remove their headscarves. Isn’t it racism (or better word-anti-Muslim-woman) against the Muslim women and denial of their rights to wear headscarves and to practice their religion freely? I will leave the answer to you. Imagine, if the FIBA management and power were dominated by the Arabs or Muslims, in general. Imagine FIBA implementing new rules opposite to what is in place now such us every woman should wear headscarf or is not allowed to play. How would the west feel about that? What would the media focus on that day? I am sure there would big protest. The talk shows, the news, the authors of bestselling books, and the scholars would be busy on the issue. Not only that but the U.N, United States, and the European Union would intervene and place sanctions on those countries from which the top management of FIBA originate. I am sure the slogan would be, “FIBA took the path of the uncivilized.”

Not only that but, maybe, the FBI, CIA, SAS, MOSAD, and the likes in Europe would be busy in finding the terroristic act behind this idea of implementing these barbaric rules by FIBA. Finally, the conclusion would be to change the rules in favor of the western woman. You would see what a power can do only when you are the week and that power is used on you.

Maybe, I am in haste and should wait for the next few days to see the Human Rights Watch, the U.N, and the Feminist organizations condemning the act of FIBA. Maybe, the European Union parliament is already in session to discuss the situation. Who knows, perhaps, United States is, already, in contact with FIBA to reverse that ruling, which is against the freedom of woman. Is the Qatari government in action?

It is possible that the Qatari government, which is a very close friend of United States, is convincing the US to mobilize its alliance (the European Union) and act against the FIBA to stop terrorizing and violating the peaceful Qatari woman basketball team? That is possible since the Qatari government may play a crucial role in the war against the ISIS or ISIL.  But the odds are against the Qatar government because it is not in good terms with its Gulf sister governments such the Saudi kingdom and the UAE. The rift started when the Saudi Kingdom and the UAE sided with and financed the Egyptian Coup orchestrated by the Abdil-Fatah Al-sisi while the Qatari government was against it. Therefore, it is possible that the Saudi Kingdom and the UAE will campaign against the Qatari government getting any help from the United States in FIBA vs Qatari woman basketball team issue. There is always a competition among the Gulf countries to be the closest to and the most heard by the United States and that might affect the Qatari campaign against the FIBA.

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