How is it like to be an albino or even a poor in Africa?

When you hear Africa, you will always think about suffering, killing, sickness, and refugees drowning in high seas on their way to Europe. The list continues but don’t forget corruption, greediness, injustice, and mentally colonized leaders and intellectuals. It will take thousands of books with thousands of pages or maybe tens of thousands of pages to write about Africa’s problems.  For that reason, I don’t bother to talk about all what I mentioned above. I can assure you that the rest of the African problems might be solved if we focus only on solving three major problems that I believe are the roots of the rest of the problems. Finding ways to prevent corruption, greediness, injustice, and mental colonization of our leaders and intellectuals would result the solution of most of the continent’s major problems. I am sure you are asking yourself what this has to do with the title I gave to my modest writing. Well, ask first who is involved in this business of albino killing and the body parts in Africa. All these problems are entangled and the solution of one of them can lead to the solution of the rest.

When you hear about an albino or another individual sacrificed for the sake of witchcraft you find that it involves either a minister who is afraid of that he would be eliminated by a dictator or a very rich person who is sick. It is not only the albinos who are the victims but I and you could be if the African magician says that tell person with tell traits is the solution for keeping such a minister in his position or to cure the rich person who is maybe suffering from incurable disease such as metastatic cancer, AIDS or treatable disease such as tuberculosis. Well, it doesn’t take that much gut to kill or kidnap a person in Africa. It takes a few hundred dollars to kill someone or kidnap him/ her and put that person in the butchers table surrounded by machetes and big knives. The persons’ body parts could be sold as the order comes from the rich or from the government officials. Sometimes, it is not even a secret but in public that the body parts are displayed for sale. You might visit a market in Nigeria and see human body parts that are on sale, particularly, the skeleton of the extremities and the skull. The story of the albinos is very dramatic and shows the African cruelty toward their own offspring. Sometimes, I ask myself if these Africans are causing all these suffering to albinos thinking about their color and reminiscing about the white man’s colonization of the continent. I don’t think that is the case. Let’s not wander away from the purpose of my discussion. The story in Tanzania and other places in the South is extreme.

In Tanzania, you might see an albino with maimed extremities. You might think that he or she is fortunate to be alive; but in Africa, it is very hard to survive even when one has his hands and feet. There is no social security, no welfare, and no organizations that help the poor and destitute. Hundreds of albinos were victimized by the black African magic, persecuted, maimed or killed. It is mentioned in national geography that since 2000, 72 albinos were killed. It is becoming a lucrative business for the witch doctors and foretellers. One can make a fortune from the albino body parts such as ears, tongue, nose and private parts, and the limbs. They might put in their pocket hundreds of thousands dollars or more provided that all parts in demand are delivered. Yet one needs to understand that human indirect cannibalism is not limited to the black Africa or to the albino sacrifices. In Egypt, hundreds of African immigrants who are trying to reach Israel are kidnapped by bandits and gangs. Their body parts are harvested while some are alive. They are left suffering or buried in the dunes of the desert where their corpuses show up a few days later after a desert wind blows on that area. In the Arabian Desert, Yemeni gangs kidnap African immigrants for the hunt of body parts. The purpose of killing humans for body parts is to enrich self. In Africa, the final goal is to protect an official, to heal a sick person, or to become prosperous while in Egypt (Egypt is in Africa but a part of the Arab world) or Yemen the goal is obtain human body parts for transplantation of organs. Yet, the goal is put a large sum of money in the pocket of these gangs, which makes them worse and more aggressive.

Why the Africans do such barbaric acts on themselves? I will leave the answer to you. What I know is that the Africans care less about the betterment of the whole society. Each of us is trying to amass as much material as he can without considering the damage that his greediness can cause. Starting from the president to the poor guy walking on the street, we are all destroyers. The president, his cabinet of ministers, and the lowest public servant are destroying the country by paralyzing the economy as each one of them steels with his capability. The poor guy who is walking on the street buys banana, which is relatively cheap in Africa and throws its skin on the street. Another poor individual would slip and break his hip. Unfortunately, there is no health care system or if there is, it is corrupted too. The doctor will not do anything unless he is bribed. Worse than that there is no tertiary healthcare system in Africa except a few countries. Hip replacement is out of reach for poor Africans. A few weeks or months later, you might see the poor guy laying on the ground and begging. But a few will survive as the hip fracture might result fat embolism or infection. If it affects blood vessel such as fracture bones lacerating the blood vessel, the result is death from bleeding.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the banana is not cheap anymore as Western and Chinese mega companies buy the banana farming lands. The latter results the hunger of millions whose daily food was the cheap banana.  The Albinos happen to be the victims of African greediness. The poor invents the false magic to convince the rich or the high rank public servants that the sacred (the assumption of the magician and his clients) albino body parts would heal or keep the minister in his position in the cabinet when there is reshuffling of the cabinet members. Usually, reshuffling of ministers’ cabinet is due to the president wanting to get rid of a minister who gets into his nerves. Isn’t it a good idea that the Western governments like United States warn its citizens (the whites and the black albinos) to be vigilant and watch their surroundings when they travel to Africa?  I guess so!!!

If you feel offended by my words I appologize. My purpose is not to hurt you bu to mention real problems that we need to face.

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