After confusion and talking about conspiracies, In fact, Kenya hit the Target!!!

Kenya’s claim that The Gedo People helped Al-shabab is baseless and unfounded. But what Kenya said about siding with one Somali tribe might be true. After, the Al-shabab Attack of El-Adde base of KDF, Kenyan government officials’ statements were showing their confusion and immaturity. First, It was the Syrians helped Al-shabab to plan and carry out the attack. Second, it was the Gedo peoeple helped Al-shabab. But that wasn’t the worst. The worst was claiming that KDF members who hid in civilian houses were captured and killed by Al-shabab. In this case, one would ask how Kenya figured that out as there is no witness? I mean, if these members of Kenyan army were killed who reported the situation? The only conclusion from all these statements is confusion and denial of defeat.

It is very apparent that the Kenyan officials lost their mind or could not take that Al-shabab could defeat its army.  There are no syrians in the ranks of Al-shabab and more 98% of Al-shabab are Somalis. Al-shabab does not need a plan to carry out an attack as they know better than anybody else who is where and what is where. This is their country so they know how to move along and in obscure paths. It looks like Kenyan officials hate to see the victory in the hands of Al-shabab or let’s be more clear, the Somalis. So Kenyan officials try to find a scapegoat. If Al-shabab got assistance from anyone, it would be the Ethiopians who did the same in the past. Ethiopia and Kenya are in disagreement when it comes to the Somali situation. Ethiopia wants to take over the Kismayu airport and port where the Kenyans are already operating exporting charcoal and importing contraband sugar. Recently, the Ethiopians arrived  in Kismayu and wanted to take over the port and the airport but the Kenyans refused it. It might be the Ethiopians did not like that so they helped Al-shabab with intelligence information and ammunition. They did the same in the past in Lower Shabele where Al-shabab took over the Brundian base in Lego area. The second to that when Al-shabab took over the Ugandan base after over running the base and killing dozens of Ugandan soldiers in another base in Lower Shabele. Yet, Kenyan officials need to understand that the Ugandans and the Brundians have more experience than the KDF when it comes to fighting  but Alshabab defeated them and took over their bases. The Civilians are afraid of Al-shabab as they are afraid of your soldiers too.

I was surprised when the Kenyan officials said that the civilians helped Al-shabab to kill those who got refuge in their houses. Well, I see a contradiction here. It was a few days ago when Kenyan officials said that the civilians fled from the area. At that time, you were claiming that the civilians assisted Al-shabab with intelligence information and at the same time they fled the whole town. Don’t you see that you are contradicting yourself? When the civilians see the movement of Al-shabab, they have to run away for two reasons. One is because of the attack itself and the use of heavy weapons by the KDF that could kill the civilians. Two is that both Al-shabab and the KDF could have killed the civilians in the aftermath of the attack. Al-shabab may claim that some of the civilians were spying for the Kenyans.  On the other hand, the Kenyan soldiers could massacre the civilians as usual and rape the women as they did in the past. That is what caused the civilians to run away. But isn’t it foolish that the Kenyan officials said a few days ago that the civilians vacated the town and now saying that the member of KDF who hid in their houses were killed by Al-shabab after they (the civilians)  informed them their presence? if the civilians were not there from the beginning as Kenyan officials mentioned earlier how could they inform Al-shabab who is where? I can tell what happened. Usually, when Al-shabab attacks if they defeat those against them, what they do is to search the area and that is probably what happened there. The Kenyan Soldiers were running for their lives but Al-shabab were after them and they could have searched the area for anyone who was hiding. Are the Kenyans revenging from the  innocent civilians as they dud in the past?

In the last few days, we heard that the Kenyan army jets were bombarding any where they see a few people such as wells where people come to fetch water or bring their livestock to drink water. Since the KDF came into Somalia, there were reports that they committed harrowing atrocities against the civilians including killing, torturing, and raping women but what is reported is only a leak and the casualties of the civilians is an accountable. Please, don’t expect us to cry with you when you are killing our people and trying to take our land or sell our blood to collect millions of dollars claiming that you help to stabilize Somalia when you are really a part of the problem. Siding with one tribe as you said is a serious problem and that is what you did. Today, you are bombarding the Gedo people to revenge. Here are some of the pictures taken from the KDF killing Al-shabab. They always say the traget is Al-shabab and we, precisely, hit the target; Are these pictures from Al-shabab? Are these goats Al-shabab too?

Xoolo ku dhintay duqeymaha Kenya






Somalia and the Somalis have no voice. The Somali people are in a very critical situation as there is no government that represents them, as Al-shabab is killing them, as the neighboring countries are trying to take over the country, as the NGOs would like to see the Somali civil war to continue to fill their pockets in the name of the Somali people, and finally as the Somali tribes prefer siding with anyone but not another Somali tribe.


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