Al Jazeera Stream – Ethiopia’s crackdown on protests | August 10, 2016 plus my comment on the situation

The Ethiopian protests stem from the oppression of certain tribes by the Tekrean rulers who see the country as theirs. The majority of the Ethiopians are against the regime that use military power to silence those who don’t agree with it. Worse than that the western media always shows the beautiful side of this regime while the torture, killing civilians and other atrocities are not displayed by the media. This might be due to the lack of autonomous international media agencies in the country because of the regime prohibition of their entry. 

The western governments support this regime to their fullest capacities to make sure that it is sustained no matter what.  Now that the majority stood up for their rights, we will see what happens next. Yet, the government is trying to use force to silence the voice of the oppressed communities in the country.

I hope that these protest will lead to solve real and serious problems that the Ethiopians are facing when it comes to the federalism. I, only, know about what is going on in the Somali region which is very dramatic. There was the creation of the so called autonomous Somali regional government but it does not represent the Somalis at all. This  regional government is, in fact, used to oppress those who are against the Tekrean regime. The so-called Liyu Police (Somali ethnic army created by the regime) had done atrocities including killing, torture, rape in the Somali region and the towns in the Somalia-Ethiopian border. The Liu police is representing the firm hand the regime uses against the ethnic Somalis and is backed up the army when they face resistance.

Ethiopia needs a government that is inclusive of all-ethnic groups all ranks. Yet, those in the federal government representing other ethnics groups should be given a voice to address the issues facing the people they represent.

I hope that the protests will be seen as an opportunity to have a dialogue and reconciliation between different ethnic groups. These dialogue and reconciliation should result in listening the hearing the voices of the majority oppressed ty the minority and the creation of legitimate regional governments that speak the voices of the people they represent. There also needs  to have just distribution of resources and not confining those resources into certain regions.

Unstable Ethiopia will be a disaster for the neighboring countries which already host hundreds of thousands to millions of Ethiopians migrated in search of economic opportunities. The solution is in the hand of the regime and it will depend how it addresses the situation in hand. Using force and intimidation will worsen the situation and escalate it to where the people will pick up arms against the regime. That might result into full scale civil war.

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