I would like to thank those who  put this information together and make it ready for others to benefit from it. I am not using it to make monry but to facilitate it to those who would like to see it and benefit from it. This page is not for profit but help those who are looking for information. This page is dedicated to the issues that concern Islam and the muslims around the world including documentaries, articles, new converts experiences narrated by them, the contributions of muslims to the world, current events, and more.

فيلم الرساله | لرسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم | كامل

THE CONVERSION OF ANGELA COLENES: إسلام الممثلة الامريكية إنجيلا كولينز

د/وديع الشماس السابق بالكنيسة يحكى قصة إسلامه 

Islamic Center of Nashville History

Ahmed Deedat on BBC: Choices and East Meets West

Ex-Christian Converts to Islam / Hamza Yusuf

see these miracles and you will convert to islam for sure

Again, thank you for visiting and enjoy.

Le souffle de Dieu

Science et Islam (Bruno Abdelhak Guiderdoni sur Oumma TV)

Kerala RSS Activist embraced Islam – He explain his way to ISLAM

U.S. Professor converted from Christianity to atheism then to Islam

Top American Surgeon embraced Islam – “I was trying very hard to be a Christian”

What is the Purpose of Life? – Dr. Laurence B. Brown

Why Abdul Raheem Green Came to Islam ?

AbduRaheem Green – Meaningful Mankind, The Purpose of Life

Islam & Democracy by Abdur-Raheem Green

Yusuf Estes – Priests and Preachers accepting Islam

Maryam Noor – Finding Islam at the age of 60

Jewish (Joseph Cohen) converted to Islam

A Christian Minister’s Conversion to Islam – Dr. Jerald Dirks on TheDeenShow

How the Bible Led Me to Islam: The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister – Joshua Evans

U dhaaf Halcelis

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